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Curious About Ethanol?
It's time to EthaKnow

Ethanol Benefits Testimonials


Don't believe the hype.

Some folks will buy anything about ethanol—but not you. You want the truth. Explore this site to learn the facts. It’s good for your budget. Good for your car. Good for the planet.

Fill up with

  • Ethanol blends burn cleaner than gas
  • It's a sustainable, renewable source of fuel
  • Safe for modern car engines

Ethanol produces 46% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular gas.

Greenhouse gas emissions from corn ethanol are 46% lower than gasoline, and this percentage continues to increase with ongoing innovations



Ethanol product delivers a net energy gain.

Improved farming techniques, more efficient use of fertilizers and pesticides, higher yielding crops and more efficient conversion technologies have made ethanol a net energy producer. This means the energy content of ethanol is greater than the fossil energy used to produce it. That’s good news for our farmers—and good for the planet. 



Ethanol production is not the driver of food prices.

Critics of biofuels promote a theory that ethanol “eats up” food supplies, but the truth is that the increasing demand for biofuels allows farmers to invest in efficiencies to better utilize existing cropland, allowing them to supply more food and energy. The real driver of food prices is the cost of crude oil. Ethanol production only utilizes the starch in each kernel, while the rest of the fat, fiber and protein goes into animal feed in the form of distillers grains. The reality is that the bioprocessing plant concentrates nutrients into one of Americas largest sources of animal feed. 



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