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E15: Fueling Summer Fun Winner Announcement

Ethanol Winners - Summer 2023The South Dakota Corn Utilization Council recently announced the three E15 Fueling Summer Fun Free Gas Giveaway winners. Each winner received a $500 gas gift card to be used towards E15 gas.

The winners are pictured above. Left to Right:

1. Austin from Salem, SD

2. Adam from Wessington Springs, SD

3. Reed from Hartford, SD 

Make sure to visit throughout the year to get cost-saving tips, to learn more about the benefits of ethanol, and to enter to win other prizes! 

This contest has ended.

What is E15 gas and why is it called UNL88?

  • E15 gas is a high-quality blend of fuel that is actually 15% home-grown American ethanol blended with 85% gasoline.
  • E15 gas has an octane rating of 88 which is why it is frequently labelled as UNL88 at the pump.
  • E15 gas is safe to use in cars, SUVs, pickups, vans or other light-duty vehicles manufactured after 2000.
  • E15 gas was legally approved by the EPA in 2011 and was first sold in Kansas in 2012.