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Doggone-it: A Response to Misinformation

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Misinformation can come from the most unexpected places. It’s certainly something we’ve been dealing with when it comes to discussions about ethanol. By now, you’ve probably heard people say things like how ethanol “damages your engine” or “hurts your gas mileage.” We sure have.

You see, those claims aren’t entirely true. In fact, ethanol is safe for modern car engines and doesn’t affect your gas milage as much as you think. But no matter how hard we tried to explain or how much research we presented, people still weren’t listening. To put it simply: the old ways of communicating weren’t working.

As a response, we decided to do something different – VERY different to combat the misinformation: Enter Cory Maize. By now, you’ve probably seen him pop up during your favorite show or during the news to try and sell you on some ethanol-based miracle products. Does this ad ring a bell?

From the ‘EthaPen’ to ‘EthaPoo,’ Cory wows people with the absurd nature of his very being. His purpose was to satirize the wild rumors about ethanol and empower people to spot outdated information. Sure enough, he got people’s attention. In two months, the EthaKNOW campaign reached nearly 2-million views – and that’s not even factoring in TV or radio broadcast viewership.

When it comes to ethanol, you should EthaKNOW.